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Why We Give a Siitch


Finding information fast is key. WE know. It’s what saved a live. Here’s our story. It’s crazy Siitch.


Our Goal With Siitch


is to save you time and money, make event planning easier, and help reduce food waste. When you tackle food waste, you tackle climate change, and so much more. See our Savings page for more information. When you connect those dots, you’ll realize how much you can do.

Our Goal For This Blog


is to share cool Siitch and point you to the experts. We don’t care if you leave this blog. Find what you need. Get on with your Siitch. We get it.


We Are 


normal people fascinated by cool Siitch, with a deep desire to make life fun and protect this planet. We love good ideas.


DISCLAIMER: We Are Not Experts!


We are not scientists, doctors or lawyers. Before you make any changes to your diet or healthcare plan, be sure to speak to your Health Care professional. The articles posted on this blog or any links to third party websites are simply a guide, and should not be considered complete or definitive, or as medical advice. Siitch disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects resulting directly or indirectly from information contained on the website. If you have questions about what’s safe/not safe for your guests, please contact them directly. Everyone’s Siitch is unique.


What Inspires Us


• Ideas that make partying easier
• Ideas that keep people safe
• Ideas that improve the human condition
• Ideas that protect planet earth
• Food tech, food philanthropy
• People making a difference


It’s why you’ll see links to the newly emerging field of the Microbiome, and links from experts on how to reduce food waste. And so much more. Happy exploring!