Twas Christmas Night

  • and Paige had the flu
  • 24 hrs later, her body shut down
  • She flatlined twice as the ambulance rushed her to the hospital
  • The E.R. Doctors asked us, “What is she allergic to? We need to give her a cocktail of antibiotics to keep her alive.”

The Siitch

  • It’s 3 a.m.
  • Paige’s medical records are 5 hrs away
  • In Georgia
  • We’re in Florida

Six Hours Later

  • A friend in Georgia broke into Paige's condo, found and faxed her medical records to the hospital
  • When the doctor saw it, he bolted to Paige’s room and yanked out the IV
  • She was allergic to 3 of the 5 drugs dripping into her body
  • Instead of keeping her alive, the treatment was going to kill her

We Got Lucky

Paige had contracted bacterial meningitis. She came out of the coma five days later. Had we not found her information, the doctors told us she likely would have died, or suffered permanent brain damage.

Paying it Forward

We know what it’s like to feel powerless. That Christmas experience led me to think of better ways to protect the people I Iove. I started Online Allergies, which evolved to Siitch, because things can happen to anyone, at any time. While our emergency was related to a drug allergy, not food, we learned a valuable lesson. Not knowing basic information can be DANGEROUS. Having a little bit of information empowers communities and families, big or small, to take care of their own.

Don’t let the Siitch hit the fan

Prevention is action. And prevention should be simple. That’s why Siitch exists. We hope Siitch can help you make better decisions, save a little money, and keep your friends and family safe.