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We all have our Siitch-uation

And it all affects what we eat






We know. Our story is a real son of a Siitch. It’s why Siitch exists. We care about the human condition. We care about the planet. Safe events, respecting peoples Siitch, and reducing food waste is at our core.

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Handy Recipes

    Top 8 Allergen & Gluten Free Recipes

    So good they’ll never know

    Keep it Simple

    Real simple

    Snacks, Potluck & Party Recipes

    For adults and kids

    Diet Specific Recipes

      Gluten-Free Recipes

      Everything GF


      Vegan Recipes

      Keep everyone healthy


      Vegetarian Recipes

      Let’s not meat


      TIP: What folks with allergies need you to know

      “It’s awesome that you want to cook for us. We appreciate it! But, it’s complicated. We worry if you know how to avoid cross
      contact and not only know how to read a label, but how to call the manufacturer since labels don’t tell the full story. We
      want to enjoy your party and avoid calling an ambulance, so it’s great if we can talk together about the best way to
      navigate your event. Food is fabulous, but enjoying your company is even better. Let’s just talk.”

      – Caroline Moassessi, Grateful Foodie

        Kosher Recipes

        Don’t be a ham


        Halal Recipes

        It’s not that hard


        Paleo Recipes

        Bring on the protein


        Pescetarian Recipes

        Fish and veggies, please

        Heart Healthy Recipes

        Take care of the ticker


        Diabetic Friendly Recipes

        Respect thy glucose


        Free-From Recipes

          Nut-Free Recipes

          No nuts, please


          Dairy-Free Recipes

          Never cheesy


          Egg-Free Recipes

          No yolking matter


          Fish-Free Recipes

          Save Nemo!

          Shellfish-Free Recipes

          Don’t be shellfish

          Soy-Free Recipes

          Say it ain’t soy

          Cross-Contact 101

            Why it’s important

            “Cross-contact is when allergen PROTEINS directly or indirectly come in contact with a food item. For example, by using the same spoon, or frying potatoes in the same oil that was used to fry shrimp, or using a dirty grill. Proteins don’t ‘cook off.’ What’s important to understand is that proteins can be unseen by the human eye and can transfer via direct or indirect contact: food to food, utensils, dirty hands, dirty counter tops, aprons, kitchen towels, oils etc. Avoiding cross-contact is key.>

            We average 3000+ allergen meals a year in a combined eleven restaurants…”

            Keith Norman
            Food Safety Manager / Asst Executive Chef
            South Point Hotel Casino and Spa


              Important siitch

              Party Tips

                Party Tips

                The devil is in the details


                Office Party Ideas

                Keep it fun

                Eco / Party Supplies & Party Favors

                Ideas to save the planet

                Reducing Food Waste

                  Food Insecurity & Sustainability

                  Leaders, ideas & news


                  Reducing Food Waste

                  Take action today


                  Companies Taking Action

                  Good siitch



                    Why it’s cool

                    Nothing excites us more than the discoveries waiting to be made through the study of the microbiome.
                    From disease prevention to how we react to drugs… what we eat matters.


                      Cool videos

                      • How Bacteria Rule Over Our Body (Kurzgesagt)
                      • The Invisible Universe of the Human Microbiome (NPR)
                      • Microbiome Science Video (Vice News)
                      • What the Human Body Sounds Like (Biota Beats)
                      • – music from your Microbiota: fun for the kids


                      Cool reads

                      • Is the Secret to a Healthier Microbiome Hidden in the Hazda Diet? (NPR)
                      • Probiotic Bacteria Could Protect Newborns From Deadly Infection (NPR)
                      • Your Gut, Your Emotions (Microbiome Blog)
                      • How Healthy Gut Bacteria can Help Prevent Asthma & Allergies (Green Child)
                      • 3 Recipes to Boost your Microbiome (Outside)
                      • The High-Performance Secrets Inside Athletes’ Guts (Outside)
                      • (more…)

                      Allergies 101

                        Food Allergy Basics

                        To know

                        Recently Diagnosed

                        I’ve got ‘what’ now?

                        Emergency Preparedness

                        Don’t be caught without


                        The ABC’s


                        aka Adrenaline


                        Food Labels & FALCPA

                        What you should know


                        What is FALCPA

                        FALCPA is an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and requires that the label of a food that contains an ingredient that is or contains protein from a “major food allergen ” declare the presence of the allergen in the manner described by the law.

                        For more information: U.S. Food & Drug Administration

                          Allergy Resources


                          • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI)
                          • American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI)
                          • Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT)
                          • Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
                          • Kids with Food Allergies (KFA)
                          • National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

                          Allergy Resources – Intl


                              • World Allergy Organization (WAO)
                              • Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA)
                              • Allergy/ Asthma Information Association (AAIA)
                              • Canadian Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Foundation (CAAIF)
                              • Food Allergy Canada (FAC)
                              • Quebec Food Allergy Association (Canada)


                          Allergist Near You

                          Doctor Doctor


                          Know thy siitch


                          Research Centers & Clinical Trials

                          Smart folk

                          Oral Allergy Syndrome

                          When proteins confuse

                          • Oral Allergy Syndrome overview (AAAAI)
                          • If Raw Fruits Or Veggies Give You A Tingly Mouth, It’s A Real Syndrome (NPR)
                          • What is Oral Allergy Syndrome (HealthLine)
                          • Why Raw Fruit Can Make the Mouth Itchy (Allergic Living)

                          Daily Living


                            Important siitch

                            Eating Out

                            Tips & tricks


                            Tips on eating out: a Chef’s Perspective

                            “Every restaurant is different, but every restaurant should have step-by-step guidelines in place on accommodating food allergic guests, from how the order is taken, to how it is prepared in the kitchen. The food allergic guest has a responsibility to inform the restaurant of the allergy. If you call and make reservations, let the restaurant know that someone in the party has an allergy. When you arrive, ask for the Chef, and ask specifically about their protocols, and test their knowledge of allergens. Ask how cross-contact is addressed in the kitchen. If you don’t feel comfortable, it is OK to choose another restaurant.”

                            Keith Norman
                            Food Safety Manager / Asst Executive Chef
                            South Point Hotel Casino and Spa

                              Growing up

                                Babies & Allergies

                                Little sneezes, little squeezes


                                How To Talk To Your Child

                                Every child is different

                                For Teens

                                Take care of your selfie

                                Dating With Food Allergies

                                Beyond small talk


                                How to deal

                                • Bullying Prevention (FARE)
                                • Bullying Resources for Educators & Parents (FAACT)
                                • FA Bullying: The stakes are high (Allergic Living)
                                • How to Talk to Your Child About FA Bullying (KFA)
                                • 6 things to say to you kid when they are bullied (Very Well)


                                  Resources for Schools

                                  Helpful links


                                  504 Resources & More

                                  It’s the law



                                  Lunch & Snack Box Ideas

                                  Top 3 Mom reusable and fun tools

                                  Leak-proof mess-free Bentgo boxes (Amazon)
                                  Reusable snack & sandwich bags (Amazon)
                                  Recyclable & sealable paper sandwich bags (Amazon)

                                    Tastes good, looks good

                                    What Nutritionists Pack Their Kids for Lunch (Huffington Post)
                                    Hundreds of School Lunch Ideas (Keeley McGuire)
                                    20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas (Keeley McGuire)
                                    10 Easy Tips & Tricks for Packing Fresh Lunch Boxes (My Kids Lick the Bowl)
                                    10 Nut Free School Lunch Ideas (MOMables)
                                    A Full Month of Nut-Free Lunches (Modern Parents Messy Kids)

                                    Protect your Child, at Public or Private School

                                    “In the United States, if your child is in a public or private school that receives federal funding of any kind, the school must make individual accommodations to keep your child safe and included. Food allergic students must be provided with the same opportunity to access education and activities on equal footing like every other student. Work with your school to get these protections in place and put them in a written plan to ensure compliance and avoid confusion. If you have questions about the process, more information can be found at the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

                                    – Laurel Francoeur, Francoeur Law


                                        Resources for Parents & Students

                                        Beyond P.G.


                                        Drinking with Allergies

                                        Allergy proof your night out

                                        Allergies and Sex

                                        To know

                                        • Single with FA: Date Ideas and Safe Sex (Allergic Living)
                                        • What Allergies Can Be Transmitted By Having Sex? (ReachMD)
                                        • Allergic Reactions Due to Sexual Intercourse (Very Well)
                                        • How to Know if You’re Allergic to Latex Condoms (SELF)

                                        Summer Camps

                                        As Camp Policies can change, be sure to contact a Camp directly if you have questions.

                                        • Peanut-Free Camps
                                        • Camp Brant Lake (NY)
                                        • Camp Pontiac (NY)
                                        • Camp Sloane (CT)

                                        Alisa Fleming at Go Dairy Free has a nice write up on many camps here.

                                        Friends, Their Books, and more

                                          Gina Minnet Lee, M. Ed Laurel Francoeur, Esq.

                                          Cybele Pascal

                                          Cybele Pascal

                                          Cybele Pascal

                                          Colette Martin

                                          Colette Martin

                                          Kelly Rudnicki

                                          Kelly Rudnicki

                                          Kelly Rudnicki

                                          Alisa Fleming

                                          Alisa Fleming

                                          Alisa Fleming

                                          Alisa Fleming

                                          Debbie Adler

                                          Debbie Adler

                                          Laurel Francoeur, Esq.

                                          Laurel Francoeur, Esq.

                                          Donna DeCosta, MD

                                          Susan Weissman

                                          Ann Gentry

                                          Moskowitz & Romero

                                          Deborah Madison

                                          Theresa Nicassio