Bachelorette Party Savings in Palm Springs

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Bachelorette Party Savings in Palm Springs

Major Bachelorette Party savings with Siitch

Guest Post: by Sarah Nelson
Sarah is professional Makeup Artist based out of L.A.

Bachelorette Time!

And party time! With the help of cousins I don’t see often enough, we co-organized a bachelorette party for our dearest Molly (not her real name, because what happens in Palm Springs, stays in Palm Springs:) There were 13 of us total. Most of the crew were flying in from out of town. I was the only one driving in from L.A.

We wanted to make it as cheap as possible for everyone, and Siitch definitely saved us money! I invited everyone by simply emailing or texting them the link. It was super easy. The questions I asked were:

    1. What is your go-to drink?
    2. Favorite Snacks/Meals?
    3. What are you most excited for?


Customize questions  Custom question about Food allergies


People mentioned wine, tequila, vodka, beer… the usual, but since we knew how many, it made it easier to guess quantities. Another drink listed multiple times was Truly, an alcoholic sparkling water. I’d never heard of it, but it was great to know so we got a bunch, and it was gone quickly!


We had a handful of allergies but not too many. Knowing that info, and knowing what everyone’s preferred snacks and meals were, it made it easier for us to make accommodations and make a list of what to buy. We bought everything at Costco.


Custom question in action



We’re all busy so we really wanted to just hang at the house. We were there for a 4 day weekend, Friday through Monday. We had the best time chilling out and catching up! It was so nice not having to go anywhere. We only ate out once in those four days.


“…for food and drinks, the total cost for each of us was only $80 per person for all four days!”


The Crazy Part

The crazy part was the cost. Normally in Palm Springs, if you’re eating out three times a day and especially with drinks, it’s easily $100 a day. Since we knew the info using Siitch, for food and drinks, the total cost for each of us was only $80 per person for all four days! That included breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all snacks and drinks. Minus the restaurant meal, it was probably around $60-70 per person! It made the weekend dirt cheap.


At the end of the weekend, we only had a handful of leftovers and a few beers remaining. That was especially helpful as everyone but myself was flying back. We gave the leftovers to the neighbors. It felt so good not having a lot of food waste. That’s important to a lot of us. I’ll definitely use Siitch again!



Many thanks to Sarah for her review.

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