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every item counts

From Farm to Table

Why things cost what they do

1 pound of pork:
718 gallons of
water p/lb

5,990 liters p/kg

1 pound of asparagus:
258 gallons of
water p/lb

2,153 liters p/kg

1 pound of beef:
1,847 gallons of
water p/lb

15,400 liters p/kg

every item costs

You Save:
Earth Saves

Kelly used Siitch and knew not to buy 15 pounds of pork, saving 10,770 gallons of water.

every question counts

Savings in Action

Kelly saved 12,532

gallons of water & $145

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Nicole saved 8,076

gallons of water & $400

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Jason saved 996

gallons of water & $30

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“Compared to previous years, we hardly had any food waste.”

- Nicole B.


When you use Siitch, add #siitchsaves to your event and social media posts, and let us know what you saved! We’d love to feature you in our Savings in Action section.

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